Create Pictures safe working procedures for filming during the Coronavirus pandemic 
This guide is meant to reassure productions of the safety measures and procedures put in place by Geraint Warrington and Create Pictures Ltd for safe working during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The UK Government has stated that filming and TV Production can take place during the lock down. 
Information has also been drawn from the combined broadcasters 
TV Production Guidance: Managing the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in production making 

General Operation Procedures 

Do not attend the shoot if you are unwell or have someone in your household who is unwell.
Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds regularly throughout the day. 
Cover your mouth and nose with elbow bent if you cough or sneeze. 
Avoid touching your face 
Maintain a safe distance of 2m at all times

Pre Production 

Any crew or family members feeling unwell or demonstrating any symptoms of Coronavirus as per Government advise, should not attend the shoot. 
All equipment to be cleaned with alcohol wipes before any production. 
If any hire equipment is required, then this will need to be cleaned by the operator before use with alcohol wipes. 
Make sure the operator has enough PPE for the shoot. This includes hand sanitiser, alcohol wipes and face mask if required, this will be advised by production. 
Contact Production to make sure all crew have no symptoms or been exposed to anyone within their household to the Coronavirus. 


All crew to travel independently to location, Geraint Warrington will travel in the crew van with no other passengers. 
On arrival on location, social distancing must be adhered to by keeping 2m apart at all times. 
All equipment to be loaded in by the operator, no other crew should touch another crew person’s equipment. 
Wireless audio link to camera and wireless monitoring for the Director should be preferred method of operation. If any camera settings need adjusting, then this should be done by the camera operator only. 
Any Lighting should by rigged by the DOP and Gaffer. Roles will be clearly defined on set and any adjustments needed will be done by assigned crew members. 
Any rigging of cameras / lighting should be done with minimal people on set. No talent on set until all equipment is rigged and tested. 
Personalised water bottles for all crew.
Maintain social distancing between talent and crew at all times, for example filming using longer lenses, avoid close working to contributors.  
If social distancing is followed then the use of a face masks isn’t required, if any production personnel feel uncomfortable with this, then a face mask will be provided. 
Equipment to be cleaned regularly throughout the day and hand washing at regular intervals. 
At the end of the shoot, all equipment to be cleaned with alcohol wipes and hands washed for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

Covid Vaccination programme in action at Thames Side Surgery, Hampton Wick, Surrey. 
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