Geraint Warrington | Director of Photography | Create Pictures

With over 20 years’ experience working within the industry, I pride myself on producing dynamic creative visuals that will enhance any production. My award-winning documentary work has taken me all around the globe, often filming in challenging extreme environments accumulating in filming hours of primetime content for the major networks.  I have expert knowledge of current high-end camera systems including the Sony Venice, FX9 and the Arri Alexa / Amira. In addition, I hold a UK CAA GVC drone licence and qualified to fly the drone in the USA with a FAA Part 107 licence. 
Clips featured in my documentary showreel

Inside Chernobyl with Ben Fogle. Remarkable Television for Five.
Feature documentary on the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster 

Ben Fogle "New Lives in the Wild" Renegade Pictures for Five. Northern Norway, Morocco and Ethiopia. 
I've filmed over 25 hour programmes for this prime time series in some of the most remote locations around the globe. 
I recently won a "GTC Award for Excellence" for the photography on the Morocco episode featured in the showreel. 

Countdown to Execution. Multi Story Media for ITV1. 
Documentary series following Death Row inmates in Texas as they approach their execution date.

The Great African Migration. Renegade Pictures for Five. 
Documentary series following the migration of Wildebeest across Africa.

Alison Hammond - Back to School. ITV Studios for ITV1

This is Football. Brutal October for Amazon Prime  

An extended version of the documentary reel in addition to a Time-lapse and Drone reel can be viewed on the Showreel page.
For all booking enquires please contact my diary service / agency Linkline on 02084262200 email or click below. 
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