Create Pictures Productions 
Create Pictures Productions offers video production to corporate clients. With the effects of the Covid pandemic on businesses, it's more important than ever for companies to improve their video content online. There is no better way to get your message across than a short concise film. Create Pictures Productions can help with this. We've already worked with local companies in Kingston Upon Thames to produce films that deliver the all important key messages, in a visually creative, entertaining and informative way. Geraint Warrington has worked with some of the biggest corporate companies including Nike, HSBC, EY, Marriott Renaissance Hotels and Waitrose. With this experience comes a wealth of knowledge that can translate to producing informative, visual films to any corporate client. 

I'm keen to help local companies around Kingston Upon Thames. With this in mind please get in touch. Use the contact button below. Great video content is more affordable than you think and the rewards to your business could be endless. 

Live video streaming is now becoming the normality for meetings, product launches and key message delivery by CEO's. Create Pictures can also offer a live video streaming service, from high end Zoom meeting to a full product launch. Please get in touch to discuss your streaming needs and Create Pictures will come up with a solution.

Here are a selection of films already produced for the local community by Create Pictures Productions
The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames 
Film produced to feature the services offered by The Wych Elm to the local community during the Covid Lockdown.
The Canbury Singers at Christmas
Due to Covid Restrictions, the Canbury Singers were unable to stage their annual Christmas Carol Concert. 
Create Pictures Productions filmed these performances for the local community.
Physio Extra 
Create Pictures Productions created this film for the Physio Extra team in Ham, Surrey. 
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