Drone - Aerial Cinematography
Combining 40 years' experience of Broadcast and Aviation 

Create Flying Pictures was established with my business partner Glen Keywood a British Airways Captain to provide a unique combination of aerial filming and commercial flight. The demand for drone - aerial filming within TV / Film production is huge and CFP was set up to accommodate this.

Create Flying Pictures will offer a unique combination of my 20 years' experience working as a Director of Photography with Glen’s 20 years' experience working within the Commercial Aviation industry as a Senior Captain with British Airways. Offering this skills mix will not only offer clients, creative, dynamic Aerial Filming but with the safety and planning that is so essential in Commercial Aviation. In short, I’ll help you produce the best Aerial filming possible and Glen will make sure the operation is safe, achievable and legal. These combined skills will ensure that your creative goals are achieved efficiently and safely.

Create Flying Pictures is CAA approved holding a PfCO, Permission for commercial operations licence. We also have a congested area approval (OSC) and can fly within 30m of anything outside our control, normal rating is 50m. We're also licensed to fly in the USA, we hold a FAA Part 107 Drone Licence, one of the few UK drone companies that can legally fly in the USA. We’ll offer a complete service from planning to task completion. This includes pre flight planning, location review and risk assessment through to the completion of the creative task.

If your thinking of using a drone on any of your future projects then please get in touch. More information is also available on CFP dedicated website, link below. 
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